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Tom Riddle/Lord Voldemort

“Get back here, Potter! I want to see your face when I kill you! I want to see the light leave your eyes!”


You are Tom Marvolo Riddle, aka Lord Voldemort. He is the main antagonist of the story, and for good reason. Cunning, sly, and merciless, he seeks to control the wizarding world and rid it entirely of muggles. He is much like Grindelwald in this sense, but unfortunately for Grindelwald, Dumbledore was alive and kicking ass at the height of his career! Such a shame. Oh well, tough luck for him. No one is quite sure how Voldemort became so evil, or what happened to him between leaving school and forming his own group of minions, but it doesn’t matter. He is what he is and no one can change that. Efforts to do so are futile. You are similar to Voldemort in the way that both of you approach situations with remarkable shrewdness, but your narcissism gets in the way of your success. You make many plans that often go to pieces from lack of details, seeing as you are so intent on the goal that the process of getting there becomes disorganized. Not only that, but even if you see to it that the goal lies straight ahead, something always foils your plan (the culprit is almost always Harry Potter... WHY WON'T HE DIE?!!). You are also more prone to keep to yourself, seeing as the people around you are nothing but idiots. Keep on truckin’, sweetie. You’ll be ruler of the world one of these days!


In short, you are more:

Cautious than impulsive

Mature than immature

Arrogant than modest

Weird than normal

Introverted than extroverted


Your polar opposite is Ron Weasley.

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